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International Day of the Girl

RGF call to Action:

  Today, October 11, 2023, as the world celebrates the International Day of the Girl under the theme “Invest in Girls’ Right: Our Leadership and Wellbeing”, RGF stands proud of the strides we have taken in championing the rights of girls. To meaningful engage in the celebration, we are having a storytelling and social media campaign to celebrate girl activists who are contributing to the progress of their communities in their own little ways. Also, we held a panel discussion, centered on the theme, “The Importance of Investing in Girls’ Rights for Societal Progress,” to prove our strong commitment to helping girls permanently enhance their lives.


During our panel discussion, we had the privilege of hosting young girls who shed light on the critical role that investing in girls’ rights plays in advancing societal progress. Their insights were not just enlightening but a rallying call to action.


Some of the key takeaways and recommendations that emerged from our discussion include:


    Education. The girls strongly advocated for equitable access to quality education for all girls. To achieve this, governments and stakeholders must increase investments in STEM programs for girls, educational scholarship programs, and gender-sensitive curricula.


   Healthcare and Well-being. It is imperative that girls have access to comprehensive healthcare services, including sexual and reproductive health education and support. Taxes on sanitary products should be removed to maintain the wellbeing of girls and keep them in the classroom. Policies must be in place to ensure the well-being of girls, free from all sort of discrimination and violence.


   Empowerment. Empowering girls should not only be focused on formal education but also through skills training and entrepreneurial programs, and mentorship opportunities to capacitate girls to contribute to society.


   Representation and Participation. Girls should be encouraged to actively participate in decision-making processes at all levels. We advocate for the promotion of leadership opportunities and platforms that amplify their voices.


RGF remains dedicated to the cause of empowering girls and young women, working tirelessly to create a world where their rights are protected, and their potential is fully realized. Together, we can build a more inclusive, just, and prosperous society that benefits everyone.


On this International Day of the Girl, we urge governments, sister organizations, and individuals to join hands with us in achieving this critical mission. Let us invest in the future by investing in girls

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Sherifa Adams: A Journey from Forced Marriage to Education

Sherifa Adams, a 20-year-old young lady from Nasia in the Naleregu District in Ghana’s North East Region was born to Mr. and Mrs. Adams. In 2020, she graduated from Guakro Effa Secondary School Techiman and came out with excellent grades.  After completing her secondary education, her father informed her to prepare for her hand in marriage to a 75-year-old man who also doubles as the father’s friend in Naleregu as a fourth wife. She refused but was forcefully sent to the man’s house. Two weeks after staying in the man’s house, going through trauma, Sherifa started sending messages to known and unknown numbers saying she wants to commit suicide till the message got to the Renel Ghana Team. 

Immediately, an amount of Ghc 100.00 was sent to her to move out of the house to meet our Renel Northern Zonal Coordinator who then took her to our sister organization in the North called SUNG Foundation headed by Hajia Fati Seidu.

The case was reported to the National Child Marriage Unit under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and the National Girls Education Unit under the Ghana Education Service.

A team made up of Mr. Nelson Richardson-Mandela of the Renel Ghana Foundation, Hajia Fati Siedu of the Sung Foundation, Mrs. Bushira, the Northern Regional Gender  Director, and a member of the Northern Domestic Violence Support Unit of the Ghana Police Service met Sharrifa’s Mother and her three sisters at Nasia on May 27, 2021 went to her rescue  Sheriffa refused to stay back because her mother said the moment we leave the community she will take her back to the man’s house.  Sharifa followed the team back to Tamale. Sherifa’s father sent a message that she is above 18 years so she must marry and that any decision she takes apart from marriage means she has been disowned by him.

She has been Renel Ghana’s responsibility ever since that day and the Ghana Nurses Association and Sung Foundation have been very supportive as well. At the Tamale Nursing Training School, Sharifa is joyfully pursuing a career in Midwifery . Her life has changed and an example to other young girls in her community. Renel Ghana Foundation with its partners have rescued 120 teenage girls so far from Human trafficking & Child / Forced Marriages. We have reintegrated about 70 percent of them back into Society. We gave them skill training, support their education and empower them accordingly.

Fight against Child/Force Marriage

In 2018, the RENEL Ghana Foundation embarked on a significant endeavor, producing a groundbreaking documentary that delved into the profound effects and far-reaching implications of child marriage. This documentary, unveiled in the English language, was not only a testament to the organization’s commitment to addressing critical social issues but also served as a catalyst for national dialogue on this pressing matter. The launch, officiated by the Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Protection at the time, underscored the government’s recognition of the urgency to combat child marriage and its unwavering support for initiatives aimed at safeguarding the rights and well-being of children across the nation. However, the impact of the documentary transcended linguistic barriers, as it was also made accessible in various local languages including Dangbani, Ewe, Twi, Frafra, Wala, Hausa, and Ga. This inclusive approach not only ensured that the message reached diverse communities but also highlighted the importance of cultural sensitivity in addressing such sensitive issues. The significance of this effort was further underscored by its ceremonial launch at the Gbewa Palace, presided over by his Majesty Yaa Na, the esteemed King of the Dagbon Kingdom. The presence of esteemed stakeholders including the Speaker of the 8th Parliament, the National Chief Imam, Members of Parliament, Ministers, Paramount Chiefs, victims/survivors, and parents exemplified a unified commitment towards eradicating the scourge of child marriage and fostering a future where every child can thrive free from exploitation and injustice.

Spreading Love and Hope: The Renel Smile Project's Visits Village of Hope

In 2015, the Renel Smile Project orchestrated a heartwarming gathering, uniting 150 dedicated volunteers from all corners of the country, to commemorate the month of Love alongside the Village of Hope orphanage nestled in Gomoa Fetteh, Central Region. Amidst shared meals, laughter, and companionship, we embarked on a mission to uplift spirits and sow seeds of encouragement. As mentors, we imparted the invaluable message of the importance of education, igniting sparks of hope and ambition within each child. Through engaging games and heartfelt conversations, we fostered a sense of belonging and joy, leaving behind memories that would linger in their hearts long after our departure. Together, we painted a picture of compassion and solidarity, embodying the true essence of love and community.

16 days of Activism

 The Renel Ghana Foundation on the 1st of December, 2023 undertook a gender-based violence advocacy and donation visit to a small fishing community called Kewornu in the Ada-East District in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana to mark the “16 days of activism celebration” and also donate to support the victims of displacement as a result of the Akosombo and Kpong Dams spillage.

The foundation conducted a comprehensive sensitization workshop, bringing together over one hundred community members to raise awareness about GBV and its underlying causes as well as support services available for victims and survivors. This initiative is in line with the foundation’s commitment to helping girls and women to realize their full potential. Social change and development through education and social intervention programs, including advocacy for sexual and reproductive health and rights and eradication of poverty.

The visit to Kewornu underscores the foundation’s dedication to addressing the root causes of GBV and supporting vulnerable communities. The natives of Kewornu highlighted that the driving forces of gender-based violence (GBV) in the community are poverty and the lack of job opportunities for girls and women. By shining a light on the link between poverty and violence against women, the foundation is advocating for holistic solutions that go beyond addressing the symptoms of GBV.


Through this efforts, Renel Ghana Foundation is not only raising awareness about GBV but also uniting with the natives of Kewornu to call for concrete action to create economic opportunities for girls and women in the community. As the theme for this year’s celebration emphasize on investing to prevent violence against girls and women, we are calling for partnership and collaboration to create more awareness, strengthen legislation that protects girls and women rights, and effective and accessible support services for GBV survivors. This approach aligns with the broader goal of sustainable development, which recognizes the importance of addressing poverty and inequality in order to achieve lasting change.


 In conclusion, the advocacy and donation visit undertaken by the Renel Ghana Foundation to Kewornu is a significant step in the ongoing fight against GBV. By highlighting the link between poverty and violence against women, the foundation is calling for an investment in the future to end GBV and create a more just and equitable society. The foundation remains committed to working with the community, government, and other stakeholders to create lasting change and build a future free from gender based violence.

Human Trafficking and Rescue

Renel Ghana Foundation participated as a Ghanaian delegate in a 2-day International Conference on Trafficking in persons and smuggling Migrants, Building Bridges, and strengthening partnerships for a coordinated Tipsom response in Abuja organized by A-Tipsom Nigeria and the European Union.

Child trafficking and exploitation is a significant problem in West Africa, of which Ghana is not an exemption, particularly in the fishing industry on Lake Volta. Children as young as four are forced into labor, and many suffer abuse and neglect. The Ghanaian government has taken steps to combat trafficking, including passing anti-trafficking laws and implementing a National Plan of Action for the Elimination of Human Trafficking. Renel Ghana Foundation is also working to end child trafficking in Ghana through rescue and rehabilitation efforts. However, deep-rooted cultural practices and poverty continue to contribute to the problem, and more resources and education are needed to address it effectively. We therefore engaged in regional discourse on sustainable ways of ending child trafficking

Civic Participation

Renel Ghana Foundation participated in the first-ever World Vision Ghana’s budget advocacy “training of trainers” workshop to build the capacity of staff and multi-sectorial partners to influence government budget implementation. The 4-day workshop was held in Accra and brought together stakeholders from various parts of the country.

Youth and Peace Building

Our ED Nelson Mandela who doubles as the Lead advocate at the West Africa Youth for Peace and the president of the Greater Accra Regional Youth Network is participating in and supporting ECOWAS youths from Member States advocating the forming of the ECOWAS Youth Parliament @ the ECOWAS Parliament session currently ongoing in Ghana Winneba in the Central Region.  Kudos to @fosdagh @oxfaminghana , WAYA and other stakeholders for supporting and providing technical support for this initiative. It was a great honour to invite Madam linda from UK and the CEO of Renel Ghana to deliver and share their leadership experiences with newly appointed regional executives