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Human Trafficking and Rescue

Renel Ghana Foundation participated as a Ghanaian delegate in a 2-day International Conference on Trafficking in persons and smuggling Migrants, Building Bridges, and strengthening partnerships for a coordinated Tipsom response in Abuja organized by A-Tipsom Nigeria and the European Union.

Child trafficking and exploitation is a significant problem in West Africa, of which Ghana is not an exemption, particularly in the fishing industry on Lake Volta. Children as young as four are forced into labor, and many suffer abuse and neglect. The Ghanaian government has taken steps to combat trafficking, including passing anti-trafficking laws and implementing a National Plan of Action for the Elimination of Human Trafficking. Renel Ghana Foundation is also working to end child trafficking in Ghana through rescue and rehabilitation efforts. However, deep-rooted cultural practices and poverty continue to contribute to the problem, and more resources and education are needed to address it effectively. We therefore engaged in regional discourse on sustainable ways of ending child trafficking

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