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About Renel Global Foundation

Renel Ghana Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization working to promote and protect the rights of women, youths and children to make them realize their full potential.

RGF has been in existence since 2013 and is legally registered under the laws of Ghana. Currently working with ten staffs and two hundred and thirty volunteers across the world. Over our existence, we have created a lasting impact on the lives of most vulnerable and excluded children whilst promoting gender equality. Renel Ghana Foundation is committed to social change and development through education and social intervention programs. We believe in advancing women and delivering a lasting change against norms and traditions. Our work is gender transformative, right based, partnership based and active in all levels. We believe that humanity starts with you.

Our Mission

To advance integrated, multi-faceted approaches to empowering women, youth and children to significantly and permanently enhance their lives

Our Vision

To envisage a world where women, children and youth have the chance to realize their full potential


Renel Ghana Foundation collaborates with international, national and community organizations as they set to implement gender equality laws, policies, programs and services needed to ensure that the standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit women and the youth in Africa


1. Governance and Participation: Women and youth leaders take part in governance systems and profit from them equally.
2. Economic Empowerment: Empower women and youth to enjoy stable incomes, respectable jobs, and economic liberty.
3. Protection from Violence: Protect women, youth, and children from all forms of violence.
4. Peace and Resilience: Strengthening the capacity of women, youth, and children to have a larger role in promoting long-lasting peace and resilience through humanitarian efforts, disaster preparedness, and conflict resolution.
5. Research and Action: Advance evidence-to-action research to address challenges affecting women, youth, and children.



We are committed to doing what is right, honest, and fair.


We foster a results-oriented environment, enabling and rewarding achievement.


We treat all stakeholders with dignity and consideration and are committed to fostering an environment of diversity that respects and appreciates individual differences.


We continually acquire knowledge to improve performance and enable growth.


We are responsible, active citizens of the places we call home.


We ensure high ethical standards.


We make sure staff understand our vision, mission, goals, and objectives.

Board of trustees

Mr. Charles Aheto-Tsegah


Mrs Mary Awelana Addah


Mrs Christine-Marie Nyantakyi


Mr. Jeremiah Attouchu

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