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In 2018, the RENEL Ghana Foundation embarked on a significant endeavor, producing a groundbreaking documentary that delved into the profound effects and far-reaching implications of child marriage. This documentary, unveiled in the English language, was not only a testament to the organization’s commitment to addressing critical social issues but also served as a catalyst for national dialogue on this pressing matter. The launch, officiated by the Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Protection at the time, underscored the government’s recognition of the urgency to combat child marriage and its unwavering support for initiatives aimed at safeguarding the rights and well-being of children across the nation. However, the impact of the documentary transcended linguistic barriers, as it was also made accessible in various local languages including Dangbani, Ewe, Twi, Frafra, Wala, Hausa, and Ga. This inclusive approach not only ensured that the message reached diverse communities but also highlighted the importance of cultural sensitivity in addressing such sensitive issues. The significance of this effort was further underscored by its ceremonial launch at the Gbewa Palace, presided over by his Majesty Yaa Na, the esteemed King of the Dagbon Kingdom. The presence of esteemed stakeholders including the Speaker of the 8th Parliament, the National Chief Imam, Members of Parliament, Ministers, Paramount Chiefs, victims/survivors, and parents exemplified a unified commitment towards eradicating the scourge of child marriage and fostering a future where every child can thrive free from exploitation and injustice.

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