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Renel Ghana Foundation meaningfully participated in the ending Gender-Based Violence 2023 which was organised under the theme “Creating safe space for young people through policies that effectively address Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in schools and communities” by The CSOs National Forum.

The Forum created a platform of Gender focused CSOs, Health workers, Educationists and the Social Welfare sector to collectively plan, re-strategize and implement policies that aim to promote ending SGBV among girls, boys and young women everywhere in Ghana.

The big question is “How much are stakeholders ready to invest to end GBV??

We encourage CSO’s to invest into collecting real time data to support advocacy on SGBV.

Also, government should allocate budget for rescuing and reintegration of SGBV victims back into societies through the Social welfare.

Teachers should be well-trained to identify and help school children battling SGBV in their various schools.

Reliable and accessible support services to help victims and survivors of SGBV in Ghana especially girls and young women. The Government of Ghana  should consider the inclusion of cost of treating SGBV victims on the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Let us all come together and advocate for these policies and strategies to become realities.

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