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Renel Ghana Foundation Takes Strides in Empowering Young Women: A Nursing Opportunity Unveiled

Renel Ghana Foundation, a non-governmental organization in partnership with the UK Association of Nurses committed to empowering young females through education and healthcare, has launched a nursing opportunity project aimed at helping brilliant but limited resource young women to reach their full potential. The initiative started in 2022 in the Northern Region and North-East in 2023. The Eastern region has been selected for this year’s opportunity.

In an effort to identify and support a promising candidate, the foundation conducted a comprehensive interview process to gain insights into the backgrounds, aspirations, and potential of eligible candidates. Among the remarkable individuals, 18-year-old Miss Faustina Ansah stood out tall.

This promising candidate, demonstrated exceptional academic achievements during her Senior High School education. Beyond her academic prowess, she showcased a strong desire and reason to pursue a career in nursing.

Faustina, the fourth of five children, was raised by her peasant parents in the remote Eastern Region village of Kyenkyenku, where there is no electricity or network. She walked kilometers to school sometimes on an empty stomach and studied with kerosene lamp. She has spent her entire life, from basic school through her secondary schooling, working, and saving money to support her studies. She travels to Nkawkwaw on extended vacations to work and save up for her education. Before we could interview her, she had to make her way to Nkawkwaw from her village.

In an exclusive interview with the foundation, she shared insights into her background, emphasizing the challenges she has been through with education due to financial constraints and highlighted her  passion for making a positive impact in the healthcare sector. She pleaded with the panel to consider her for a “cleaner” post in case she wasn’t chosen for the nursing job so she could earn money for her future schooling. Renel Ghana Foundation acknowledges the resilience and determination of this young woman and believes in her potential to contribute significantly to the nursing profession.

As a testament to the foundation’s commitment to personalized support, a visit is scheduled for Monday, January 15, 2024 to meet her and her family in person. The purpose of this visit is to establish a direct connection, understand her unique needs, confirm all she has said during the interview and provide any additional assistance required for a smooth transition into the nursing program.

We at Renel Ghana Foundation firmly believes that investing in such initiative is key to transforming communities and promoting sustainable development goals 3, 4 and 5. This nursing opportunity not only helps the foundation to achieve its mission but also serves as a beacon of hope for young women showcasing that with determination and support, they can achieve their dreams.

In the coming years, the foundation plans to extend the initiative to reach more deserving individuals, thereby creating a ripple effect of positive change in communities across Ghana. Renel Ghana Foundation remains dedicated to its vision of empowering the next generation and looks forward to witnessing the impact this nursing opportunity will have on the life of the selected candidate and the broader community.

The search is finally over…

On January 15, 2024, a team from Renel Ghana Foundation set out to meet Faustina Ansah, a bright young lady chosen for the posted nursing opportunity, in the isolated village of Egya Ansah.

But the trip did not finish in Kyenkyenku as planned. We had to proceed to the village of Egya Ansah, where Faustina resides with her family. The team opted to carry out the task on foot despite the fact that the car was unable to get us to the settlement. Our will to meet Faustina kept us going, and the village appeared to be only around the corner.

The walk to the village turned out to be harder than we had thought as we made our way along the rough, dusty trail. After walking for around 45 minutes, we eventually reached the village and were welcomed by Faustina and her family with big smiles.

We exchanged pleasantries and clarified the reason for our visit. The family expressed to us how pleased they were with the offer because they didn’t think their daughter’s schooling would go any further. During the conversation, we learned that the community lacked a clinic and that residents had to be taken to the underdeveloped Kyenkyenku CHPS. The foundation’s assistance, according to the family, will not only change Faustina’s life but also serve as a ray of hope for the entire community. Together with Faustina and her family, the team took a few photos.

They spoke with the chairperson of the Ghana Nurses Association-UK. She explained to the family that this is a fully financed scholarship that covers living expenses, educational materials, and tuition. In addition, she gave her advice and requested that the family keep their child in their prayers as she gets ready to start school in February. 

The visit served as a moving reminder that helping humanity has an impact that goes beyond providing material assistance. It’s about forming bonds, getting beyond challenges, and celebrating the victories of people whose lives are positively impacted by change. More than just a physical walk, the journey from Accra to Nkawkaw, Kyenkyenku, and eventually to Egya Ansah’s village was a symbolic pilgrimage that reaffirmed the foundation’s commitment to changing the world.

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