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Renel Ghana Foundation’s Commitment to Zero Discrimination

Zero Discrimination Day‼️‼️‼️

Renel Ghana Foundation participated in a Multi-Sectoral Stakeholder Dialogue to commemorate Zero Discrimination Day on the Ist of March, 2024 at Alisa hotel under the theme “Rights for all: A path to Zero Discrimination”

This was organised by the United Nations-Ghana and UNAIDS focusing on removing stigmas and discriminations faced by people living with AIDS.

We identified some ways of battling #stigma  and #discriminations  as

1.⁠ ⁠Poverty alleviation for marginalised groups l.

2.⁠ ⁠Livelihood empowerment skills for marginalised groups.

3.⁠ ⁠Improved and inclusive  education especially in the Northern part of Ghana.

4.⁠ ⁠Exposure which will help in building the confidence of marginalised girls  and Young women in underprivileged communities.

5.⁠ ⁠Evidence-based advocacy.

We at Renel Ghana Foundation tolerate zero discrimination in all of our activities and engagement.

Never discriminate against anyone on basis of gender, age, race, ethnicity, creed, disability, etc. Let’s embrace, love and support one another.

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