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Renel Ghana Foundation Collaborates with Women-Led Farmers in Walewale Community and its Environs

Renel Ghana Foundation embarked on a collaborative mission with women-led group of farmers in the Walewale community and its environs (Kperigu, Sangdafongu amd Loagri, Wungu). The primary objective of this initiative was to engage with these local female farmers to better understand the challenges they encounter in their farming activities and to identify the necessary resources and support they require to enhance their productivity.

Upon arrival, the team from Renel Ghana Foundation paid homeage to the Chiefs in the various communities to express their intent to working to improve livelihoods in their communities. The team led by our North-East zonal coordinator Alhaji Yahaya Alhassan Basigi, was warmly welcomed by the women-led group farmers, who expressed their eagerness to share their experiences and challenges. The meetings commenced with open dialogue sessions, where we made known our mission during which the farmers also voiced various obstacles hindering their farming endeavors.

One of the prominent challenges highlighted by all the women farmers was the lack of access to modern farming techniques and technologies to plough their lands. Many expressed their desire to utilise sophisticated tools to increase their productivity but lamented the absence of funds to hire or acquire them. Additionally, inadequate access to quality seeds (groundnut, rice, soya beans, and corn, which are the major crops in the area), fertilizers, weedicides, pesticides and irrigation facilities during dry seasons emerged as significant impediments to improving agricultural output in the communities. One of the women from the Sungtaba group said that:

 “We always have to wait for the men to finish spraying before they lend us their knapsack sprayers. This is not helpful as the crops have time to be sprayed to avoid the weeds from blocking them. By the time the men give us the sprayers, it would be too late to protect the seedlings. We would love to have our own knapsack sprayers to help us be on time in spraying the weeds”.

Furthermore, the farmers cited limited access large barns to store theor produce. Due to this problem, they are unable to store snd sell loftover produce during the dry season. One of the women farmers from the Sangkiti farm group explained that:

“I always have to move to the south during the dry season to earn some income through Kayaye bussiness to help raise funds to support my children’s education.”

The narrative would have been different if they had enough storage rroms where they could keep produce to be sold in the dry season at good prices.

In response to these pressing concerns, the Renel Ghana Foundation pledged its commitment to supporting the women-led group of farmers in overcoming these obstacles. Moreover, the foundation expressed its intention to collaborate with local authorities and other stakeholders to explore opportunities for infrastructure development, such as improving irrigation systems and enhancing larger storage rooms for the groups. By fostering partnerships and leveraging resources, the foundation aims to create a conducive environment for sustainable agricultural practices and economic empowerment within the Walewale and its neighbouring communities.

In conclusion, the collaborative visit between the Renel Ghana Foundation and the women-led group of farmers in Walewale marks the beginning of a promising collaboration aimed at addressing the challenges faced by smallholder women farmers. Through collective efforts and targeted interventions, it is envisioned that these farmers will not only enhance their productivity but also improve their overall livelihoods, contributing to the socio-economic development of the community as a whole. We at Renel Ghana Foundation believe that this initiative will address Zero hunger (SDG 2), No Poverty (SDG 1), Sustainable Cities and communities (SDG 11), and Responsible Consumption and Production.

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