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Renel Ghana Foundation’s International Women’s Day Celebration 2024

Invest In Her, Accelerate Progress; Count Her In, Inspire Inclusion

To mark the International Women’s Day 2024,  Renel Ghana Foundation in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) brought together 52 participants from relevant sectors to hold a Policy Dialogue at the UNDP Conference room on the 8th of March, 2024.

Despite some increase from previous years, the representation of women in leadership positions remains low especially in the political space. In light of this, there was the need to digest how we can invest in young women to actively participate in political processes.

The event was graced by Lawyer Esther Akua Gyamfi- Executive Secretary-National Council on Persons with Disability (NCPD) as the Keynote Speaker on the global theme “Invest In Her, Accelerate Progress”.

She explained that Investing in her (women) is not a mere statement; it is an economic imperative, a political imperative, and a human imperative. By investing in women’s education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and leadership, we are not only uplifting individuals but also pave the way for sustainable development and prosperity.When we invest in women, we invest in the future.

She urged each one of us to take action. Whether it is through political mentorship programs to get girls and young women to actively participate in political processes, supporting women-owned businesses, advocating for equal rights, or simply challenging stereotypes and biases, every effort counts. She echoed that we don’t leave our men behind because they are going to be the husbands, fathers, uncles, etc of our women and thus the need to carry them along as champions of change. Together, we can create a world where every woman and girl has the opportunity to fulfill her potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

There was a thought provoking panel discussion on ‘Towards a Progressive Generation: Investing in Young Women’s Political Participation”. The panel included Hon. Abla Dzifa Gomashie– MP for Ketu South Constituency, Sarah Kekeli Akunor– Women’s Commissioner, Greater Accra Regional Youth Network,Dr. Peter Obeng-Asamoa– Country Director, Ghana Blind Union, Jemima Michael– Programme Analyst (Inclusive Entrepreneurship) UNDP and Levlyn Konadu Asiedu (Mrs) National Coordinator, CSOs Platform on SDGs as the Moderator.

Major highlights from the discussion

Mentoring is essential. In order to develop leadership abilities and create a network of support for young women to identify their potentials and  pursue careers in politics, mentoring is essential.  Young women should follow and learn from successful women.

Breaking Barriers. Resolving structural obstacles that prevent young women from assuming leadership positions, such as discrimination and gender bias.

Amplifying Voices. In order for young women to engage in meaningful political participation, it is essential to give them platforms on which to speak out and promote causes close to their hearts.

Ensuring equal access to funds, networks, and support structures for young women to pursue leadership possibilities is known as “access to resources.”

Legislation and Policies that Support Women. Pass laws and enact policies that uphold the rights of young women and encourage their equitable participation in positions of leadership. Laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination may fall under this category.

Self-Motivation. Encouraging young women to set personal goals in political engagement fosters intrinsic motivation. By providing supportive networks and emphasizing their agency in effecting change, we empower them to actively participate in political processes. Celebrating their achievements further reinforces their self-motivation, creating a pathway for increased representation and empowerment in governance.

The role of men. Involving men in advocating for and supporting women’s participation in political processes is essential for fostering gender equality. By actively engaging men as allies and advocates, we can challenge patriarchal norms and promote inclusive decision-making spaces. Recognizing and celebrating men who champion women’s rights and empowerment reinforces positive behaviors and encourages further involvement in advancing gender equity in politics.

We believe that investing in women to accelerate progress does not end on the International Women’s Day but extends to making deliberate commitments aand actions to make it a reality. Together let us unite to create an equitable generation where women are also empowered to accelerate progress.

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